30 Character Challenge Day 8: Sandy Torres

Sandy is a private investigator and Otis Wonder’s partner(day 6). She is originally from Brooklyn, NY where she worked as a bodyguard for celebrities when they came to town. She is a highly skilled martial artist as well as en expert marksman. Sandy’s sarcastic sense of humor is a perfect contrast to Otis’s serious demeanor.

30 Character Challenge Day 7: Dr. Bop

A former professional wrestler that was banned from the sport for not sticking to the script and at times pummeling his opponent to a pulp. Bop was last seen in a cameo working as a bouncer at Club Alternative (see Alternative City #0 ). In the future expect to see the 400 pound man-child in upcoming issues of Otis Wonder Investigations. It is Dr. Bop’s face that I use on the AC comics logo just because he’s such a handsome fella.

30 Character Challenge Day 6: Otis Wonder

Otis is a former linebacker for the Oakland Raiders. He played ten years of pro football redefining the position of linebacker while becoming the first football player to reach billionaire status thanks to wise investments and not pissing his money away on cars, mansions and hoochies. An injury forced him into retirement and a tragic accident involving his daughter inspired him to give back to others since he had been blessed with so much. He studied law enforcement and became a private detective so that he could work without the restraints of the police force.

Now Otis runs a community center located in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the city so he can offer the youths an alternative to gang involvement. It’s a state of the art facility that houses classrooms, computer labs as well as the headquarters for his private investigation firm that accepts no payment for their services and chooses clients that are the most needy.

30 Character Challenge Day 4: Zomborg

Not much is known about the Zomborg. Is it just an urban myth? Some mad scientist’s idea of a joke to combine a zombie and a cyborg? Who knows. Those that have laid eyes on Zomborg swear that he is real. Lucky for them that since he is powered by cyborgian parts he has lost his hunger for human brains.

30 Character Challenge Day 3: Clanky

It wasn’t touched on in the first issue but Bee Boy is a bit of a lab rat. He’s always tinkering with his inventions. This one is named Clanky. He was created by BB to assist him with his experiments, do heavy lifting and run out for pizza once in a while. Clanky’s nothing special to look at and has no weapons system but just like a big loveable dog he’s fun to have around. If you’d like to read more about Bee Boy and the Awesome 5! you can check out my website.

Day 2: Man-Slab

Barry Connors was an aspiring actor that also worked as one of the Chippendale dancers until his friend Oliver Black made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. Black had just joined and  been named the leader of a new supergroup called CHAMPS. CHAMPS, which stands for Corp of Humans  Androids & Mutants with Preternatural Skills, was assembled by Kristie Kelly, the public relations genius that assembled the Awesome 5! for military.

CHAMPS unlike the A5 was assembled for a group in the private sector. A Haliburton of superheroes strictly for hire. When Barry came to the group he had no super powers, but the companies scientists soon took care of that. They had a full roster of mercenaries but something was missing. Barry was to be the face of the group. Already handsome and buff, he was given an  experimental growth hormone that enabled him to grow to a height of 50 feet tall. The public can’t get enough of the new team, but there is a hidden secret.

Day 1: Doctor Apokalypz

Doctor Karl Heinz Apokalypz was a brilliant Bavarian scientist who became obsessed with the Thule Society, a German occultist group that was rumored to have had the likes of Rudolf Hess among it’s members. While attempting to make contact with the mythical city the group is named for, Apokalypz instead contacted an off-planet being that possessed his body and spirit giving him unnatural strength and turning his skin into a rocky metallic substance. Presently he is plotting to destroy the Awesome 5! and was last seen watching them on a monitor in his lair as they received  mad props from the president for defeating the evil Ramses (as seen in Awesome 5! #1).