Art Finished for Awesome 5! #1

It’s a great feeling to finish a project. Well it’s not finished finished, but the last page of art is done for Awesome 5! #1. Now after I correct some mistakes the next phase begins which includes doing an Indiegogo campaign and choosing a printer.

These are pages 15 & 16 that wrap up the first issue. If you would like to read the entire story from the beginning click here and follow the links. I’ve decided to do new prints of Laser Girl and Buzz Saw Boy for the Etsy store which I’ll have done by Wednesday. 🙂

C2 E2, Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo

Chicago’s first big comic convention of the season wrapped up yesterday. I attempted to purchase a table to exhibit my work but was turned down. Not because the request was late, but because artist alley exhibit space is not decided on a first come first served basis but rather by some other criteria determined by the folks that run the con. I can only imagine they pick those exhibitors based on popularity. Which makes sense I guess if you’re trying to attract the largest amount of fans you would like to have the creators with the largest fan bases do your show.  Whatever. At least they were kind enough to throw me a bone in the form of a pro pass for Friday. The pro pass used to be for all three days but hey, it’s a free pass so I’m grateful for that. Several of my friends that are artists & writers were also denied a table and they were not even offered the one day pass.

So basically I went last Friday mostly as a fan, but still looking to attend  as many panel discussions that were relevant to things I’m trying to accomplish. Turns out there were only three, two of which were scheduled at the same time in different rooms. In spite of all that I was able to learn a few things, do a little networking and pick up a few books for my silver age collection and some indie books I’ve been looking for.

With so many creators out there space at conventions is going to be hard to come by. That means those of us still building a fan base are going to have to get creative in promoting our work. Stay tuned…

The one guy is a pretty cool Vision, the rest I think are Skrulls.
Harley Quinn and friends.

Lily’s Here!

Janet and I just added a new member to our family. Her name is Lily. She’s a two year old cocker spaniel adopted from a local rescue. Lily has had a very tough life so far, but she’s going to get nothing but love and attention from now on. She has survived life in a puppy mill as a breeder and then was dumped into the woods by the owner when they received word that an inspection was coming. Only a few dogs survived, Lily was one of the lucky ones. A nice lady named Marlene fostered Lily and nursed her back to health. Right now she is still in shock from the horrors she has endured, so she is very shy around people.

Since mostly men ran the puppy mill she’s especially timid and cautious around them. Jan has been working to socialize her and it’s been good so far. I sneaked a photo of her and Odie on the couch but I’m still being very quiet and not making any sudden moves around her. We’re about to take both dogs on a walk in a few minutes. I’m looking forward to helping her feel at home.