Donating Unwanted Clothing

logo for Brown Elephant resale shops
Howard Brown gives medical care & counseling to gay/lesbian people in need

Recently I donated two big bags of clothing.  I think it’s really positive to donate clothing you no longer need, rather than throwing it away as garbage which benefits no one and uses up landfill space.  Others  can really still wear the good clothes we no longer fit or want to wear.  If any readers don’t have transportation but want to donate clothes, try to get a friend to give you a ride and you can both donate clothes, furniture, and other household items.  You could also google “chicago clothing donation pick up” and check out the well known charities that will pick up your clothing for you by appointment.

This time I used a metal clothing donation box.  The clothing donation box I ended up using is just about a two minute drive from our house.  I had the clothing in the trunk of my car, and I saw it on my way home from some errands, so it literally took two minutes of my time to park and put the bags into the donation bin.  Instant good karma!  I have been doing some reading on the internet about the donation bins, and they say that you should be careful as to which donation bin you use because some organizations give more to the poor than others.  Soooo, I guess it could have been better karma if I had done a little homework on the internet first.  It sounds like it’s safest to deal directly with a reputable organization like Brown Elephant, Amvets, or even Salvation Army if you don’t mind their more conservative perspective.  I think next time I will drop off the clothing at one of the two Brown Elephant resale shops like I usually do.  Either way, I think any form of donation is better karma than throwing it away and having it take up landfill space.  If you have any clothing donation tips, experiences, or comments, please comment here.

Goodbye Summer 2011

box of strawberry popsicles
Natural strawberry popsicles- guilt free summer fun

Summer 2011 is ending this week, and I think it can be helpful to get closure on the last season and try to embrace the upcoming season.  Summer 2010 we had just moved to our new apartment, so there was a lot of settling in, slowly making the home look and feel like we wanted.  This past summer we were able to enjoy our home more.  We do have central air in this apartment, a first for both Lorenzo and myself, so that felt like a new luxury.  We wanted to save money on electricity but still use our AC on those humid 90 degree days, so we kept the thermostat at a higher temperature.  That worked very well, particularly with liberal use of our secret stay-cool weapon, natural fruit popsicles.  Lorenzo’s favorite is coconut and mine is strawberry.  They’re only 100 calories each, and I’m sure we saved a lot of money on AC because we were keeping cooler by eating popsicles.  Well come to think of it, we did have a lot of popsicles!  On my last shopping trip I bought more, but it will probably be the last time this year.  Now I have to have hot tea afterwards to stay warm.

Janet w/pansies
Summer flowers on our back porch, greeting us every morning

Another thing that stands out about summer is that I finally planted pansies in a window box.  We inherited a large window box planter at the end of last summer, and I had a very specific image in my mind of dark pink pansies for it.  This spring I procrastinated, but this summer I went and got the pansies and  and also a hanging basket of pansies.  I went with my “Little Sister” Jazzy from Big Brothers Big Sisters, so that made the purchasing and planting a million times more special.  Watching a 10 year old city kid make her first mud pies with a bucket, dirt, and a hose was pretty much priceless.  I’m looking forward to having even more fun this fall, and I hope you will too.

YoYo The Wonderful Cat

We love all of the animals in our home. There’s Zen, Bambi and YoYo the three cats and Odie the COO of Barney’s Home Dog  Boarding. The most photogenic of the bunch has to be YoYo. The others have really endearing qualities but YoYo is the glamour boy.

Janet has blogged about YoYo before so some of you may remember him. He is a three year old “american shorthair” as our Vet Dr. Dickus describes him. He’s very vocal, demands a lot of attention and is quick to gobble up his sister’s food. He’s also so cute I find myself picking up a camera to snap his photo all the time. I’ve decided to take some of those shots that I have tweaked in various graphics applications and post them in our Etsy store.

These are the first three but there will definitely be more. Stay tuned for more adventures of our little feline prince.

Awesome 5!

Several of my fellow comic creators and I are working on a compilation of our work titled Anthology Of Interest. Each of us is producing a twelve page story to contribute to the book. We meet each Wednesday evening to discuss marketing strategy, content and progress. We lost a few people along the way but right now there is a core group of about six that are serious about the project. My story is the first twelve pages of my weekly webcomic Awesome 5!.

You can click on the thumbnail to see the full size cover. Each story will have a cover so this is mine. The extra “!” is part of the team’s name, I know that it looks weird but that will be explained in a future comic. The organizer of our group had the brilliant idea of financing the anthology through Kickstarter, that way none of us have to come up with the cash and there will be no bickering over who gave how much and so forth. Even if the funding amount is not reached I still plan to self publish as a mini comic.  As soon as we have the proposal video uploaded I’ll post the link so stay tuned!