Awesome 5!

Several of my fellow comic creators and I are working on a compilation of our work titled Anthology Of Interest. Each of us is producing a twelve page story to contribute to the book. We meet each Wednesday evening to discuss marketing strategy, content and progress. We lost a few people along the way but right now there is a core group of about six that are serious about the project. My story is the first twelve pages of my weekly webcomic Awesome 5!.

You can click on the thumbnail to see the full size cover. Each story will have a cover so this is mine. The extra “!” is part of the team’s name, I know that it looks weird but that will be explained in a future comic. The organizer of our group had the brilliant idea of financing the anthology through Kickstarter, that way none of us have to come up with the cash and there will be no bickering over who gave how much and so forth. Even if the funding amount is not reached I still plan to self publish as a mini comic.  As soon as we have the proposal video uploaded I’ll post the link so stay tuned!

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  1. Lorenzo, I love this cover! IMO, you can never have too many exclamation points anyway. 😉 I am looking forward to reading the whole webcomic from start to finish once it’s done. I had no idea how much work goes into creating comic book art. Should we feature another page here on the blog soon?

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