Get out your wallet

Yesterday we received a love note from the City of Chicago Finance department. It was a safety speed zone warning notification. While I thought it was mighty big of them to only send us a warning this time, it’s a grim harbinger of things to come.

Seems ol’ leadfoot Lorenzo was laying down rubber on our beloved streets at the blistering speed of wait for it… 36 mph. This heinous act was committed around 2700 west Irving Park rd. Those of you in Chicago may be familiar with that area and I’ve attached the video that shows me( the green Honda on the right) approaching the hill that crosses the river neck & neck with another silver car. We’re both going about the same speed and with the flow of traffic.

Long story short this is gonna turn into a gold mine for the city. Along with the red light cameras and the parking meter debacle this could be their biggest cash cow yet. If you’re caught going 6 miles over the limit fines will be $35. 11 miles will cost you $100. You know who goes 6 miles over the limit? Everybody. And the limit is usually 30 mph and in some stretches 20 mph. Around schools I get it but “areas surrounding parks” makes this just sound like another part of the money grubbing revenue machine that this city has become.

Hey, at least we got the best pizza here right?  Right? Anybody?