Psychic Readings & Receiving

Can you receive?  I am a clairvoyant psychic reader, helping people with wellness and personal growth issues.  I read the present and the past when relevant, and do not read the future.  Sometimes if I read someone new who doesn’t know much about my psychic reading work, they are thinking I might say something shocking, something they really didn’t expect.  This happens sometimes, but more often I am saying things they already know would be helpful, but are not doing.  Often I read unique imbalances they have, and specific things they can do to give to themselves an experience or energy that would be healing and centering.

desk size water fountain with plant
What sounds are pleasant for you? What music?

Somehow amidst the to-do list that is many people’s day, receiving takes a back seat to doing.  Receiving can be very balancing, particularly if your days are normally about doing and giving.  Can you scale down what you think you need to receive in order to fit it into the daily reality of your life? For example, you may think you need two weeks at a remote beach resort.  Well, how about listening to ocean wave sounds as you check emails, or get ready for work in the morning?  If you have a smart phone there are many free or cheap apps you can get to play all sorts of pleasant sounds.  For example, I have an iPhone and I upgraded to the paid version of “Sleep Machine” app for only $1.99 which gives me probably over 80 different sounds I can combine at various volumes.  I am currently listening to “Beach 2 (small waves)” at medium volume and “Wind Chime” at lower volume.  For me it’s very pleasant, centering, and relaxing.  There are enough different sounds that I am sure you could find something you enjoy.  If you are more old school you could actually purchase a simple water fountain for your home, which I’ve done too, online at  Of course if you are fully old school, you would get one at a local store.

two blue glass dolphin figurines
I love dolphins. What animals do you love?

Perhaps you feel you need to go swim with dolphins, but since you are not about to do that today, you could have an image of a dolphin somewhere in your work or home space to remind yourself of your love of the ocean and dolphins.  Sure you would receive a lot if you went to swim with dolphins, but realistically today you could have a beautiful dolphin and/or ocean image that would make you smile and feel a little peaceful.  Surrounding yourself with images of things that you love is a great way to help you to receive in the present.

If you feel you need to do yoga every day for an hour, but you never do, how about just starting by breathing in and out four times?  If you feel your breath, inhale deeply, then allow yourself to exhale with awareness, it’s a lot better than the fantasy of an hour of yoga but doing nothing.  Again, of course an hour of yoga is great, but if it’s not going to happen what is the scalable version that you will and can do today?  One stretch?  Three different deep breathing moments at various times in the day?  Often when we are stressed our minds decide we can’t possibly receive or give to ourselves. Being creative and downsizing that good idea to fit and actually happen is a great way to gradually transform your life.

Often the “homework” people get from a psychic reading with me has to do with these small steps to allow themselves to receive as part of their every day life.  This is another reason why I do not read the future.  Generally people are already so fixated on the future that they are stressed and not receiving and giving to themselves.  So if you already know where you can start to create receiving moments today, then I’d say give it a try!  If  you have no idea where to start, you could get a reading from me.  I promise to give you lots of simple, do-able psychic homework!  For more information about my psychic readings, check out my website

Artist Lorenzo Ross’ childhood & his The Awesome 5! webcomic characters of today – part 1

Lorenzo Ross, at 53 years of age, is realizing some of his lifelong dreams.  Nothing shows that better than his new Awesome 5! webcomic which is based on characters and stories he first created when he was in 5th grade, in Andrew Carnegie Elementary School in the Woodlawn neighborhood of Chicago’s south side.  Lorenzo recalls the student cliques in his 5th grade class as the comic book geeks, the sports kids, the bad kids who were bullies, and the girls who were above it all.

cartoon superhero The Flamester, by webcomic artist Lorenzo Ross
cartoon superhero The Flamester, part of Lorenzo Ross' present day superhero team The Awesome 5!

This was 1968, which comic book lovers now know as near the end of the “Silver Age,” a very creative and prolific period for comic books, also called graphic novels.  Lorenzo and about a dozen 5th graders were comic book geeks, happily saving up their change to buy and share comic books published by Marvel Comics and DC Comics.  Lorenzo and two other 5th graders were inspired to draw their own original comic book characters, inspired by cartoons such as Teen Titans, Fantastic Four, and The Avengers, and also the children’s marionette TV series Stingray.

Lorenzo recalls that he was the most devoted to drawing comic book characters & creating their stories, in large part because he was not allowed to do after school activities like baseball or going to friends’ houses.  He used drawing as an “escape” when he had to come straight home every day after school, and stay in on the weekends.

cartoon character Marine Lad, created by Lorenzo Ross as part of his Awesome 5! superhero team
Marine Lad finally gets a larger audience as Lorenzo Ross draws his Awesome 5! webcomics

Originally The Awesome 5! was called The Olympic 5 back in the day, since Lorenzo and his 5th grade friends didn’t know that the word “Olympic” has trademark protection.  They created their comic books on sheets of typing paper folded in half, drawn by hand and only existing as one original.  This was before copy machines, and they got the typing paper from school.  Lorenzo recalls “as soon as we dropped the pencil we started passing it around” to show the other comic book fan 5th graders.  It’s a good thing they did, because Lorenzo’s mother and grandmother regularly threw out his drawings at home every time they cleaned up the dining room.  Lorenzo did not have his own room, and slept on the dining room couch.  He eventually got his own desk in the dining room but it had no drawers, only shelves, so that he had no way of keeping his drawings safe from being tossed.  “Stuff a kid was drawing” was not valued by the his mother or grandmother, as it was not seen as a viable job for an adult to earn a living, but rather clutter or mess in the home.

Shown in images here above are Lorenzo’s The Flamester and Marine Lad, comic characters who are now finally drawn in full color for the first time since he drew them with no. 2 pencils in 1968.   Perhaps you’d like to see more of The Flamester, an artificial human or android created in the 50’s who is a boy forever who can burst into flames at will and also fly?  Perhaps you are curious about Marine Lad, who was originally named Whirlpool Boy in 1968, has super strength and can swim and fly?  They are part of a team of five teenaged superheroes now called The Awesome 5! This webcomic retains much of the innocence of Lorenzo’s elementary school imagination, and also brings forth an adult humor spoofing superhero comics.  While colorful and entertaining, this webcomic by Lorenzo Ross proves that though some times it can take over 40 years, dreams can come true.  You can read Lorenzo’s first The Awesome 5! webcomic and other webcomics on his website  The Flamester print as well as the Marine Lad print are available for purchase on our PsychicUnicorns etsy shop.

Introducing Champ & His Ongoing Diplomacy Training

Champ is a wonderful seven year old cocker spaniel that we have been boarding for just over a week now.  In a previous home he has got along well with one cat, even sleeping with him.  Our home has three cats.  Zen and YoYo may run from dogs and Zen will even growl at a dog if she is threatened or chased, so we found Champ needed some help and training so that he could adjust and live peacefully with our cats.  He never had an obvious desire to kill our cats, but he did think it was OK to chase them at top speed, which started some trouble with our cat Zen who was not amused at all.  Also he would stare at the cats nonstop while panting, and this was pretty unnerving for the cats.  Initially we thought the staring was love at first sight, but we quickly realized it was a dominance & vigilance play to keep staring at them for minutes on end.

cocker spaniel with cat photo
The Goal: the cat (Bambi) walks calmly & Champ relaxes

To begin his gentle training, we needed to keep him on a loose harness and leash and gave him treats of boiled chicken when he displayed calm behavior and gave us his attention near one of our cats.  Bambi was the easiest cat for us to work with, since she is able to walk slowly and calmly near him as long as he does not charge her.  In the beginning he would have chased even Bambi.  The first photo is from this morning proving just how far he has come with his dog-cat diplomacy training in just one week.  Bambi is doing her classic calm walk by him, and he remains relaxed and lying down.  They have been doing fine for days now, which is why he is off of any restraint near her.

photo of cat with cocker spaniel
Champ & Bambi: peacefully ignoring each other. Progress!

In the second photo we see them totally ignoring each other, which is a sign of their growing trust and acceptance of each other.  We still are working with and supervising Champ when he sees YoYo on the ground or Zen on the ground.  We have another few days with Champ for this visit, so we’ll see how far we can get with his dog-cat diplomacy training.  He’s such a good boy and thanks to the treats he does learn.  Also he loves massages around his ears and on his whole body, so that’s another method of persuading him.  🙂

I finally put categories for each blog post, so to read old posts about our dog boarding, see the Categories section on the right and look for Dogs.  For more info on our home dog boarding, see our website at

Desserts & Repressed Emotions

fruit tarts
Mmmmmm look good

So most of us have seen huge dessert cases, either in bakeries or at stores like Whole Foods.  How do you feel when standing in front of a huge dessert case?  Tonight I went to the Whole Foods on the NW side of Chicago on Cicero Ave.  As an energy reader I work with many people and often help people who want to alter their eating habits.  I enjoy reading the unique issues that impact each person’s eating choices and experiences.

Repressed emotion definitely comes into play when standing in front of a huge dessert case.  It must be repressed emotion that blurs my thinking as I look at all of these mini fruit tarts at Whole Foods.  My mind goes in a loop between:

1.  How delicious.

2.  I want many.  They’re so tiny.

3.  They are $1.49 each.

4.  It’d be way too expensive with all the ones I want.  Better have none.

5.  (Loops back to #1)

I swear this loop goes round and round about three times in my mind, then I pull myself away either to go towards another part of the store, or to debate another dessert selection.  I never get the tiny fruit tarts, yet each time I see them so beautifully arranged, the mental loop begins.

Tonight's choice, one "chocolate bomb"

I ended up buying a “chocolate bomb” shown in the center row of this photo.  On the way home I realized some of the repressed emotions involved in my own dessert thought process and was able to let go of some of the blocked energy.  When Lorenzo and I split the small “chocolate bomb” at home it was fantastic.  Chocolate mousse with a dark chocolate shell- very light and “surprisingly good,” as Lorenzo says.  The “bomb” in the name is a real misnomer, as it’s a pretty delicate flavor.  I ate it so slowly, with hot tea.  I haven’t savored a dessert so slowly in years.  I know for sure it was because I had released some of my emotional baggage and was able to be more present with the experience.  How cool.  Same calories, greater experience.  Woo-hoo!

My next task is I’ll have to clear even more blocked, repressed emotion so I can actually think clearly about those mini fruit tarts!!!!

Instant healing at the Lincoln Park Conservatory

flower photo
free energy healing from plants

This week I made a brief but wonderful visit to the Lincoln Park Conservatory.  The minute I walked in there I felt great.  It’s more humid for the benefit of the plants, and it’s so gorgeous.  Chicago has two indoor nature conservatories, open all year: the Lincoln Park Conservatory, and the Garfield Park Conservatory.  The Garfield Park one always has a great free parking lot.  The Lincoln Park Conservatory is next to the zoo and it’s harder to find free parking, particularly on school holidays like summer.  Both conservatories have different rooms including very old palm trees, lots of ferns, and various types of flowers.  This first photo is from the Lincoln Park Conservatory’s show room, which is filled with lots of wonderful flowers they rotate out for different temporary shows.  I also love that tall green bushy fern plant in the background, which is there year round.  I believe it’s some type of Chinese fern, though I couldn’t find the sign this time.

Asaki fountain on loan from Gethsemane Garden Center

Here is a large, interesting fountain currently in the show room.  It is labeled as an Asaki fountain, on loan from Gethsemane Garden Center in Chicago.  I called Gethsemane and you can have your very own for only $795!  I am big on fountains, and I love how the water just runs down the side of this fountain that is probably almost four feet high.  Very neat.

Both conservatories are priceless ways to temporarily escape Chicago’s winter, but there is so much earth energy in these places they can be healing and transformative year round.

My visit here motivated me to once again think about how serene and earthy my home is.  I do have plants and fountains, but this place reminded me I can always do more to make my indoor environment more like one of the conservatories.  After all, I need that kind of healing every day!  🙂

purple orchid
The Orchid Room at the Lincoln Park Conservatory

This photo shows some orchids from The Orchid Room at the Lincoln Park Conservatory.  This is a great way to get a healing dose of orchid beauty, without waiting a year for your own to bloom again!  I sat on a bench in the Fern Room to meditate a little.  It’s so nice to soak up healing energy from so much well-tended nature.  Just thinking about my visit makes me more relaxed!

These conservatories are open 7 days a week, year round, with the exception of a few days.  Both are free and need volunteers and have interesting events as well.  If you are looking for places to tend your inner serenity, you could put these places on your list!  Here’s where you could read more about the 116 year old Lincoln Park Conservatory including the (only) four days this year they are closed.  Here’s more info on the Garfield Park Conservatory including their own website.  They have a beer related event this 5/19 and regular events year round.  Personally I like going when the least amount of people would be there, but that’s just me.  🙂

Attention Animal Lovers: Leah needs home dog boarding for 2 months this summer

dog photo
Happy Leah after her morning walk & a roll in the grass

Many of you know that Lorenzo and I have a home business where we board cat-friendly dogs, only one at a time or two if from the same home.  Well this dog Leah in the photos is a much loved repeat “guest dog” of ours.  We have boarded Leah for her mom three times now.  Leah’s big-hearted mom needs home boarding for her this summer, and we cannot do it.  The time period needed is early June 2011- early or mid August 2011 and this would be a paid boarding in someone’s home. We are already booked for part of the time she needs.  Also since Leah is not cat-friendly and we have cats, it’s simpler if we do not board Leah for long periods.  Even though we cannot board Leah for this time, it doesn’t mean we can’t help find the right person!  Please help us spread the word.  Please forward this blog post link to your animal lover friends, or post/share this on Facebook.

dog photo
Wouldn't your summer be better with Leah?

Leah is a great dog and she is easy to love.  She is a ten years old terrier mix that still walks with enthusiasm, follows you around contentedly in the home, and of course naps with enthusiasm.  We first featured her in this blog entry from 3/18/2011. Her mom is a very nice person with a career where she helps others.  Leah was adopted as a senior rescue dog by her compassionate mom.  Her mom has certainly rekindled Leah’s love for all adults and for life, but Leah is not good with cats nor children nor many dogs probably because her original owners did not take the time to fully socialize her.  When her mom and Leah first came for their free meet and greet with us, we did have a senior mellow passive beagle around her and they politely lounged in their separate beds and ignored each other.  It’s more likely that she will get along with a dog if he/she is very mellow and/or passive, and close to Leah’s 30 lbs size or smaller.

dog photo
Leah having a zen moment receiving a simple massage

As you can see in this photo of Leah receiving a massage from me, Leah adjusts very easily to a new home so she would be a blessing to the right person and home who has the time and love for her this summer.  Leah’s mother is willing to pay boarding fees and is looking for a real home where a responsible loving adult is home quite a bit, with absences generally not longer than 4-6 hours at one time.  Generally Leah is in a kennel during the work day and her mom comes home at lunch to give her a walk/yard time.  When Leah boards with us we are always home, and she follows us around and naps peacefully in various locations.  She also favors belly rubs, is great in car rides, loves her walks, and loves rolling around in the grass in our yard.  Leah’s mother is willing to drive far if necessary to drop her off with the right person for her home boarding.  The person who boards her needn’t be a professional, but needs to be loving and responsible, with a child free, cat free, and probably dog free home.  If you do have an older child who visits occasionally, Leah would be happy in her crate as long as she can see you.

dog photo
Leah making herself at home with her pillow

Please help us spread the word to all the animal lovers you know. Leah is a lovable senior rescue dog and her mom is very kind and we want to help them.  If you want more information about Leah please feel free to contact me!  As I said we have boarded her three times so we can answer many of your questions.  Check out our dog boarding website for our contact information We will answer any initial questions and then will refer interested people to Leah’s mom.

Adventures with a REAL toilet plunger

Today I learned a valuable lesson.  Choosing plumbing tools based solely on what is attractive is a recipe for disaster.  Buying them at Target may not be a good idea either.

sink plunger photo
Did you know this is a SINK plunger?

So our toilet was clogged and I figured my trusty “toilet” plunger would save the day.  I got it at Target when we moved, and it was blue with a white stand to hide the plunger part for a prettier effect.  Wrong!

The plunger we had was similar to one in this photo, except the rubber was a dark blue, and it was so cheap that it would invert if you tried to use it, plus the rubber seemed incapable of forming a seal at the base of the toilet.  Little did I know it’s not even made for toilets!  It’s a SINK plunger!  Sink plungers may work on some toilet bowls some of the time, because I unwittingly have used them before with results.  Today my pretty sink plunger was not up to the task.

toilet plunger
THIS is a real toilet plunger. It is good for sinks and all toilets.

Fortunately my wonderful building owner lives in the building and had a toilet plunger, so I had the right tool thanks to her.  It works like a charm when you actually have a TOILET plunger!  Now I’ve bought our own at Home Depot, and even watched a cool instructional video I found with a quick search on youtube, so I am pretty much an expert at toilet plunging.  Did you know that there is actually some technique to it?  This youtube video from expert village does a very good job at demonstrating points 4 and 5, and mentions points 2 and 3 towards the end.

1.  Check the photos here and make sure you own a real TOILET plunger.  It is really worth the money, and if you don’t mind one with a bright yellow handle a proper toilet plunger is $4.99 at Home Depot.  I bought ours, shown in this photo in front of the toilet, with a clever white case for $14.99 at Home Depot, not bad for esthetics AND function.  Apparently real toilet plungers can also be used on sinks, so get it and you’ll be all set.  I put my crappy Target sink plunger out by the dumpster today!

2.  Have a bucket of water so that your test flushes are done by pouring water from the bucket into the toilet bowl to produce a flush.  This way you can pour the water and control how much so you make sure you don’t overflow the bowl if your clog is still present.  This is key.  I wish I had known this today because all my test flushes were done the usual way with the toilet flush and I was just praying it wouldn’t overflow.   That’s not cool.  It was pretty nerve wracking.

3.  Also use your bucket of water to make sure you have enough water in the bowl.  You need a fair amount of water in order to get a good seal between your plunger and the hole at the base of the bowl.  Sometimes if the toilet is clogged the water level goes too low, so if that’s the case you add water.

4.  Empty the air out of the toilet plunger before using, as much as possible.   This is done by tilting the plunger under water so that the air comes out.  I saw several sources that said this is more effective to have the plunger thrust water rather than an air bubble.

5.  Try to pull the clog up towards you rather than push it further into the toilet tubes.  This is because the toilet tubes are long and narrow with tight curves, and ideally you don’t want to jam the clog further into those tubes.  This means press down slowly then pull up with reasonable force and speed, to pull the clog out.  Eventually most videos say plunging up and down a bunch is OK if the pulling up doesn’t do it.  If you really want to geek out and watch another short video this one actually shows a cross section of a toilet so you can see how the tubes look.  It also shows a “closet auger” tool you’ll need if the plunger doesn’t get rid of the clog.  Optional viewing, for sure!

So there you have it folks.  I was sooooo happy and relieved when our toilet was finally unclogged.  Now for the rest of the day when I flush it makes me happy.  Sometimes it takes some drama to get you to appreciate the little things, right?  Oh and the other moral of this story is that between google searches and youtube videos you can learn anything.