Goodnight, Sweet Prince

Last Tuesday night, we lost our cat YoYo. He had been having mini seizures for a few weeks and finally a big one took his life. He was almost thirteen which is not really old for a cat but he packed a lot of living into those few years. He was by far the most vocal member of our family and he is sorely missed. It feels like the heart has been ripped out of our household.

Here’s the story of our move from Chicago.

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  1. love love love YoYo. Beautiful post, Lorenzo. Thank you for honoring him. For others, the post title Sweet Prince is likely a reference to how one of our names for him was Prince YoYo. Prince YoYo would claim all the kitchen countertops for himself and demand to be fed starting an hour or two before meal times. He has a very regal insistent attitude. I say this in present time because though he crossed over, his spirit visits all the time to follow Lorenzo around and deliver edicts from our countertops. He has enough personality for 20 pets. 🙂

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