The Dark Knight Takes A Bow

Director Christopher Nolan has stated that this will be his final venture into the world of Batman, in fact on the movie’s official website it says ” the legend ends July 20″. If that is the case, this could be the best third movie in a trilogy ever.

I’m not going to give anything away but I will say this and the hardcore Batman fans will know what I’m talking about. A few months ago I was sharing with my peeps in the Chicago Comic Creator group, that I wished the new movie would use the No Man’s Land storyline. Well, they sorta did.

Also, all the fanboys worried about how Catwoman was going to be portrayed can relax because Anne Hathaway nails it. She comes across way more like the current Selena Kyle than any other actress that has played her before.

So maybe in five or six years a new director will try their hand at the caped crusader. They’re gonna have a tough act to follow.

The Amazing Spider Re-Boot

Alright, alright I know The Dark Knight Rises comes out today but I still want to talk about the new Spider-man movie, The Amazing Spider-Man. They got it right this time. The previous Spidey franchise of movies was more visually appealing than it was true to the original material. This version is to those movies what The Dark Knight series is to Tim Burton’s Batman movies.

Andrew Garfield did a great job of bringing modern teen angst to Peter Parker. He’s a lot closer to the age Peter was when he became the webslinger. Not once during his performance did I think about Tobey Maguire’s stint in the red suit.

Garfield’s real life girlfriend Emma Stone gives an equally compelling portrayal of Pete’s REAL first girlfriend Gwen Stacy. Their onscreen chemistry is natural and unforced. This is the treatment Gwen deserves unlike the one she received in Spiderman 3 (yikes!).

I don’t want to give away too much to those who have not seen it yet or those that aren’t comic readers. Have to say this… you know you’re getting old when Sally Field is playing Aunt May and you can remember watching her play Gidget on TV as a kid! Anyway go see it if you haven’t already…it’s …Amazing!

Hello Dolly, our new home dog boarding pup

beagle home dog boarding
We are happy to have Dolly with us and she’s learning a lot too.

This is Dolly.  She is a beagle that we have had staying with us since last Friday morning, as we are boarding her as part of our side business and labor of love Barneys Home Dog Boarding.  We love her.  She is very sweet, and only a little high maintenance, so that’s wonderful.  🙂  Ironically she is the first beagle in all the dogs we have boarded, even though our dog boarding is named after our first late beagle Barney.  Before her stay here she was pretty shy with other dogs, so living temporarily with our three dogs has helped her get important socialization experience.  At first she would avoid them, and now she acts just like one of the pack.

She used to have no cat experience, and that is going relatively well too.  Only a few times has she tried to chase Bambi, and only the first of those was a dramatic chase most of the length of our apartment.  Now it’s just a chase of few feet once in a while.  She is learning!  Of course I’m not sure which is teaching her faster, my “No” at the end of the chase, or the fact that another of our cats Smokey takes it personally and tries to teach her a lesson with body language and hissing after each mini chase.  As usual each of our cats helps in their own way to socialize the dogs to cats.  🙂

Oh and the only high maintenance aspect to her is that she does not usually go to the bathroom during our many daily yard visits, so I have to also take her on various walks as well.  Also she has not yet been trained to take much direction on a walk so is used to going wherever she pleases.  She is very resistant to most standard gentle correction, so I have learned the right bribing, I mean training method for her on her walks.  I guess we are all learning things this week!


Awesome 5! #1 Now on sale at Chicago Comics

Just in case you live in the Chicagoland area and are looking for something to quench your comic book thirst, stop by Chicago Comics. The guys and gals that work there are very friendly and helpful even if you don’t know which issue of The Incredible Hulk  Wolverine first appeared in. Not only that but they carry a huge selection of Indie, small press and self published comics. Among them Complicated Hair and Awesome 5!. If you’re looking for the indie stuff you’ll find it in the back of the store and there is some really cool stuff there. I may place copies in other stores, but I’ve had great success at this location. Chicago Comics is located at 3244 N Clark street.

Go Google Yourself

Everyone has done it. How can you resist the urge? The last time I did it the first name that came up was a different Lorenzo Ross’s Facebook profile. He has more friends than me. The next item was so that’s cool. Then a lot of old blog posts of ours, okay that’s cool too. Then when I look under images, two of the first three photos are mug shots of two different brothers with my name, one in Texas the other in Florida. I have got to stay the hell out’a those states! Fortunately the fourth photo was my old Myspace profile shot. There’s a lot of Myspace stuff of mine out there. Lucky me.

Happy Anniversary Odie!

Now that July 4th is over, I am reminded of a truly joyous occasion that happened one year ago. It was on the Tuesday following the holiday that Janet and I took a trip to Kenosha in search of a little white Shih Tzu she had seen on their website. When we got there the Shih Tzu was taken so we looked at a couple other dogs . One was getting over kennel cough and the other seemed a little aloof. Then the handler brought out this beagle basset mix that had been given up twice, had cherry eye, was overweight and had a fatty tumor on his chest. It was love at first sight.

We’ve told Odie’s story in previous entries so I won’t rehash the whole thing. I’ll just say that everyday I give him a hug & a kiss and let him know how thankful I am that he is our dog.

Hot off the presses… Awesome 5! #1

There’s nothing like seeing your work in print. For me it’s like giving birth. That’s how i felt as I opened the envelope containing my proof copy of Awesome 5! issue #1! My baby!

As I’ve mentioned before in this blog, Awesome 5! is a project that has been in the oven since last year. It will be included in Anthologies Of Interest along with works by several of my buds in the Chicago Comics Coalition. But I just couldn’t wait for that to happen so I made a small print run with Ka-blam Comics. This is just a test order to see how Ka-Blamm prints and how the book sells. The best selling item on the Etsy store is Complicated Hair #1 one of my other children. I’m working on re-printing a bunch of my older comic strips that have not seen the light of day in years and also Complicated Hair #2. Thanks to digital printing print minimums have gone down so you are not obligated to order hundreds or thousands of books and end up using them as furniture.

The cover price for this issue is $3.00 which is limited to this first batch. After these sell I’ll be forced to raise the next run to $3.99. I’m not trying to get rich but I also don’t want to go into debt. If you would like a copy visit the Psychic Unicorns Etsy shop. To preview Awesome 5! as well as my other comics visit