Go Google Yourself

Everyone has done it. How can you resist the urge? The last time I did it the first name that came up was a different Lorenzo Ross’s Facebook profile. He has more friends than me. The next item was alternativecitycomics.com so that’s cool. Then a lot of old blog posts of ours, okay that’s cool too. Then when I look under images, two of the first three photos are mug shots of two different brothers with my name, one in Texas the other in Florida. I have got to stay the hell out’a those states! Fortunately the fourth photo was my old Myspace profile shot. There’s a lot of Myspace stuff of mine out there. Lucky me.

2 Replies to “Go Google Yourself”

  1. Man googling yourself can really be interesting, but also lead to a bunch of wasted time. That’s funny all the photos of other Lorenzo Ross-es. They don’t seem like a happy bunch. 🙂 I do like how a lot of your art comes up under photos for Lorenzo Ross. That’s something.

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