Hot off the presses… Awesome 5! #1

There’s nothing like seeing your work in print. For me it’s like giving birth. That’s how i felt as I opened the envelope containing my proof copy of Awesome 5! issue #1! My baby!

As I’ve mentioned before in this blog, Awesome 5! is a project that has been in the oven since last year. It will be included in Anthologies Of Interest along with works by several of my buds in the Chicago Comics Coalition. But I just couldn’t wait for that to happen so I made a small print run with Ka-blam Comics. This is just a test order to see how Ka-Blamm prints and how the book sells. The best selling item on the Etsy store is Complicated Hair #1 one of my other children. I’m working on re-printing a bunch of my older comic strips that have not seen the light of day in years and also Complicated Hair #2. Thanks to digital printing print minimums have gone down so you are not obligated to order hundreds or thousands of books and end up using them as furniture.

The cover price for this issue is $3.00 which is limited to this first batch. After these sell I’ll be forced to raise the next run to $3.99. I’m not trying to get rich but I also don’t want to go into debt. If you would like a copy visit the Psychic Unicorns Etsy shop. To preview Awesome 5! as well as my other comics visit

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  1. Actually the price change after the 1st run is understandable, IMHO. It’s all full color! Plus this way you make the first run of the 1st issue more collectable!

  2. Thank You Lorenzo. They are for sale at the Psychic Unicorns etsy shop that I have a link to in the blog, or folks in the Chicago area can pick one up at Chicago Comics on
    3244 N Clark st in Chicago. I’ll drop a few copies over there by July 6th. I’ve had good luck with books there being sold on consignment.

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