Goodnight, Sweet Prince

Last Tuesday night, we lost our cat YoYo. He had been having mini seizures for a few weeks and finally a big one took his life. He was almost thirteen which is not really old for a cat but he packed a lot of living into those few years. He was by far the most vocal member of our family and he is sorely missed. It feels like the heart has been ripped out of our household.

Here’s the story of our move from Chicago.

Smokey the cat makes his rounds, first hour

black cat on kitchen counter
Smokey enjoying temporary counter privileges

We finally got lab results that Smokey no longer has any intestinal parasites, so we opened up Smokey’s cage this evening and let him out just over an hour ago.  As you can see in the photo, we are being lenient and allowing him on the kitchen counter, but only for the first 24 hours.  We want to go easy on him until he gets used to using the communal litter boxes.  So far he hasn’t found the communal boxes but he probably will soon.  His cage is still open so he could use his old box.  He pretty much already knows the cats so there’s only been a little growling between them.  He still hasn’t picked his hang out spot yet, and keeps walking around inspecting everything.  I’ll be watching things closely for the next day or so.  Wish us luck!  🙂

The Life & Times of YoYo the Cat – Part 1

YoYo is our youngest “son.”  Yes, we are one of those people that think of our pets as our children, sort of.  He is very vocal, and loves to eat.  He’s a pretty good cuddler, and he is also a peace maker.  When Zen and Bambi, our two female cats, start a noisy fight he comes running and puts himself in between them. Here he is as I am about to give him a treat.

YoYo runs on top of the fridge when we have guests.  After a while he comes down to investigate.  I have to feed him the most wet food, so the other two cats have time to eat theirs.  Otherwise he will eat his and try to steal theirs.

He used to try to play with our old dog Barney, though Barney never seemed to get the joke.  Every time I would bring Barney in from a walk, YoYo would lie in a special hiding place.  Then I would take off Barney’s leash and harness, and Barney would do his victory run through the house.  YoYo would jump out and ambush him.  Barney ignored him so really YoYo would only swipe at Barney’s backside as he ran by.  YoYo was always so pleased with himself every time, and it was so adorable how he never tired of this game.

Here’s to our chubby, playful peace maker.  One of the wonderful spirits that makes our home home.

Why I love Charlie Parker, Jazz,, and my iPhone 4

Our cat YoYo relaxing by the heating vent

This is an “11th hour” blog post, just squeaking in as a “Wednesday” blog post.  Today was a series of unexpected bursts of creativity, leading me to half start about half a dozen projects.  Hopefully tomorrow I will have the kind of creativity that helps me to finish those projects!  Let’s just say I will have really big and good news for Friday’s blog post, God willing…..

I am now listening to a custom Jazz station I made on  If you haven’t tried the website, I definitely recommend it.  It’s free.  There are occasional ads, but they are very rare.  You could upgrade to a paid version with no ads that is inexpensive.  But free is good.  You can make and save a virtual station based on music similar to any artist at all.  After such a creatively divergent day, the Charlie Parker station I have on Pandora is so perfect.  It is cheerful, as if to say, “Good for you Janet for starting six things today!  Why not!!!!”

Our cat YoYo relaxing by the heating vent
The heating vents are the best spots in the house!

I am listening to Pandora with my iPhone 4 right now.  I showed my lounging cats to my friend the other day with the “Face Time” feature, since she also has an iPhone 4.  That means you basically see live video during the call.  She got to see how cute and relaxed my cats are when no “strangers” are around.  This photo of our male cat YoYo is a good illustration of such a look.

OK so time to post.  Big news Friday!