Psychic Readings & Receiving

Can you receive?  I am a clairvoyant psychic reader, helping people with wellness and personal growth issues.  I read the present and the past when relevant, and do not read the future.  Sometimes if I read someone new who doesn’t know much about my psychic reading work, they are thinking I might say something shocking, something they really didn’t expect.  This happens sometimes, but more often I am saying things they already know would be helpful, but are not doing.  Often I read unique imbalances they have, and specific things they can do to give to themselves an experience or energy that would be healing and centering.

desk size water fountain with plant
What sounds are pleasant for you? What music?

Somehow amidst the to-do list that is many people’s day, receiving takes a back seat to doing.  Receiving can be very balancing, particularly if your days are normally about doing and giving.  Can you scale down what you think you need to receive in order to fit it into the daily reality of your life? For example, you may think you need two weeks at a remote beach resort.  Well, how about listening to ocean wave sounds as you check emails, or get ready for work in the morning?  If you have a smart phone there are many free or cheap apps you can get to play all sorts of pleasant sounds.  For example, I have an iPhone and I upgraded to the paid version of “Sleep Machine” app for only $1.99 which gives me probably over 80 different sounds I can combine at various volumes.  I am currently listening to “Beach 2 (small waves)” at medium volume and “Wind Chime” at lower volume.  For me it’s very pleasant, centering, and relaxing.  There are enough different sounds that I am sure you could find something you enjoy.  If you are more old school you could actually purchase a simple water fountain for your home, which I’ve done too, online at  Of course if you are fully old school, you would get one at a local store.

two blue glass dolphin figurines
I love dolphins. What animals do you love?

Perhaps you feel you need to go swim with dolphins, but since you are not about to do that today, you could have an image of a dolphin somewhere in your work or home space to remind yourself of your love of the ocean and dolphins.  Sure you would receive a lot if you went to swim with dolphins, but realistically today you could have a beautiful dolphin and/or ocean image that would make you smile and feel a little peaceful.  Surrounding yourself with images of things that you love is a great way to help you to receive in the present.

If you feel you need to do yoga every day for an hour, but you never do, how about just starting by breathing in and out four times?  If you feel your breath, inhale deeply, then allow yourself to exhale with awareness, it’s a lot better than the fantasy of an hour of yoga but doing nothing.  Again, of course an hour of yoga is great, but if it’s not going to happen what is the scalable version that you will and can do today?  One stretch?  Three different deep breathing moments at various times in the day?  Often when we are stressed our minds decide we can’t possibly receive or give to ourselves. Being creative and downsizing that good idea to fit and actually happen is a great way to gradually transform your life.

Often the “homework” people get from a psychic reading with me has to do with these small steps to allow themselves to receive as part of their every day life.  This is another reason why I do not read the future.  Generally people are already so fixated on the future that they are stressed and not receiving and giving to themselves.  So if you already know where you can start to create receiving moments today, then I’d say give it a try!  If  you have no idea where to start, you could get a reading from me.  I promise to give you lots of simple, do-able psychic homework!  For more information about my psychic readings, check out my website