YoYo The Wonderful Cat

We love all of the animals in our home. There’s Zen, Bambi and YoYo the three cats and Odie the COO of Barney’s Home Dog ¬†Boarding. The most photogenic of the bunch has to be YoYo. The others have really endearing qualities but YoYo is the glamour boy.

Janet has blogged about YoYo before so some of you may remember him. He is a three year old “american shorthair” as our Vet Dr. Dickus describes him. He’s very vocal, demands a lot of attention and is quick to gobble up his sister’s food. He’s also so cute I find myself picking up a camera to snap his photo all the time. I’ve decided to take some of those shots that I have tweaked in various graphics applications and post them in our Etsy store.

These are the first three but there will definitely be more. Stay tuned for more adventures of our little feline prince.