Art Finished for Awesome 5! #1

It’s a great feeling to finish a project. Well it’s not finished finished, but the last page of art is done for Awesome 5! #1. Now after I correct some mistakes the next phase begins which includes doing an Indiegogo campaign and choosing a printer.

These are pages 15 & 16 that wrap up the first issue. If you would like to read the entire story from the beginning click here and follow the links. I’ve decided to do new prints of Laser Girl and Buzz Saw Boy for the Etsy store which I’ll have done by Wednesday. 🙂

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  1. Hey Lorenzo! Loving the details on Bee Boy’s hair. Plus of course I love that you have trees. I’m all about the trees. It’s been great to see this story evolve and it’ll be great to see it printed and bound as a book. Amazing that you first thought the Awesome 5! up in elementary school. I will check out your new prints too.

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