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Upon finishing Awesome 5! #1, I noticed that since it took several months to complete the story my renderings of the characters was changing. Given the fact that I’m remembering these guys from the time I was in grade school and I’m getting to know them all over again, it’s not surprising that their appearances might change.

That said, here are the new looks of Buzz Saw Boy and Laser Girl. These two are like competitive siblings at times. Buzzy’s the leader that fights with the intensity of a navy seal, while LG is his spunky wise cracking, death-ray shooting counterpart.

The new prints are available at our Psychic Unicorns store, and the book can be read at

2 Replies to “New Prints Available”

  1. Looks cool! Definitely in favor of the practical hair for a girl crime fighter. Of course there’s her heels….. 😉
    These superhero prints would be great for a kid’s bedroom or school classroom.

  2. Heels are okay for Laser Girl because she’s so badass that she can just stand there and blast the bad guys. She doesn’t have to worry about climbing rooftops like Catwoman for instance. Besides her look is formulated by the marketing firm that put the group together. More on that in future issues.

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