Avengers Assemble!

I love when characters I’ve only read about get translated to the big screen, especially when it’s done right. That is definitely the case with the new Avengers movie. Even if you know nothing about The Avengers or have never read a comic book, there is a very good chance that you will like this movie.

One big reason the film works is not just a great cast but also the choice of director. Joss Whedon is well known for his work on Buffy & Angel, as well as other gems like Firefly and Dollhouse. Whedon followed up his success in television by writing many well received story arcs for comics like Fray, Astonishing X-men and Runaways just to name a few. The man “gets” comics. He’s a lifelong fan and respects the medium. Having the movie created through his vision prevents the suits from ruining a good thing.

I’m thrilled that The Avengers will now be on the radar as much as X-men have been in the past. Growing up I was a bigger fan of The Avengers than the X-men. Awesome 5! is inspired by The Avengers more than any other supergroup. Janet’s not a comic geek like I am but she loved the movie as much as I did. No one is a bigger proponent of indie films, comics and culture than myself but if you’re gonna make a blockbuster this is the way to do it. It’s a must see!

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  1. Yes I agree it was worth the trip and the cash. I definitely enjoyed it. I am not a comic book fan except for your work & a few other things, but I did really like the movie Iron Man.

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