Day 2: Man-Slab

Barry Connors was an aspiring actor that also worked as one of the Chippendale dancers until his friend Oliver Black made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. Black had just joined and  been named the leader of a new supergroup called CHAMPS. CHAMPS, which stands for Corp of Humans  Androids & Mutants with Preternatural Skills, was assembled by Kristie Kelly, the public relations genius that assembled the Awesome 5! for military.

CHAMPS unlike the A5 was assembled for a group in the private sector. A Haliburton of superheroes strictly for hire. When Barry came to the group he had no super powers, but the companies scientists soon took care of that. They had a full roster of mercenaries but something was missing. Barry was to be the face of the group. Already handsome and buff, he was given an  experimental growth hormone that enabled him to grow to a height of 50 feet tall. The public can’t get enough of the new team, but there is a hidden secret.

4 Replies to “Day 2: Man-Slab”

  1. So does he always stay 50 feet tall, or can he shrink back down to 6′ or so to have sex with regular women? Just wondering…..

  2. How did I miss Man-Slab??? Thank goodness I backtracked to see Day 2. Would you mind if I shared him with a stripper friend of mine? He’s currently looking for work (yes, times are tough for strippers too), and this might give him hope. 😉

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