#21: Mississippi Slim

Otha Hercules Jefferson, is a fried chicken mogul as well as the owner of a chain of liquor stores and funeral homes. Word is he also owns 200 pair of alligator shoes. He is also the sworn enemy of Luther of Luther’s Rib Shack since Luther accuses him of stealing his chicken recipe.

#20: Lockjaw

Lockjaw is a local enforcer that does it old school with a baseball bat. The locals gave him that nickname because of his tendency to scream at his victims through clenched teeth as he beat them to a pulp.

#18 : Zintar

The last wish of Joseph Zintar was to live forever. His son, a scientist working on the CHAMPS project granted him that wish. Before he died, his son transferred his brain waves into an experimental synthoid giving him everlasting life.