Teddy, a loving pup who helped inspire us to board doggies

Teddy was the first dog that we boarded in our home that was not our own.  We know his human mom and dad, and they chose us because we’d be home day and night, and would certainly give the love and attentive care he needed while one or both of them traveled.

puppy photo
Teddy at home with toys, August 2010

When they got him as a puppy, they rescued him from a neglect situation.  He was no longer malnourished, and eating and doing well, but they didn’t want to take any risks with his care.  He was our house guest off and on during September and October of 2010.  At that time we weren’t blogging or we would have surely taken a million photos and bragged about him back then.

puppy photo
Teddy in his home November 2010

Here is a belated tribute to our puppy nephew Teddy.  He never met a toy he didn’t like, he has got a really big heart and is a good napper too.

puppy photo
Teddy Jan 2011 in his home

These photos were taken by his human mommy Mandy who is also a professional photographer of animals & people, including weddings and artistic photos.  For more info on her work see www.MandyLovesPhotography.com

Teddy opened our hearts to having guest dogs in our home.  It’s worth the work, to know that a sensitive and wonderful spirit like Teddy is safe and happy while his parents travel.  Thanks Teddy!

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2 Replies to “Teddy, a loving pup who helped inspire us to board doggies”

  1. Yeah! Thanks for featuring Teddy on your awesome blog!

    You guys did an amazing job boarding Teddy at such a pivotal time in his life. When we adopted him, he had been in a very traumatic situation and was very fragile. We were scared because we had a long-standing trip on our calendars (just a month later) that we count not cancel. Teddy was still gaining strength and recovering, so we knew we couldn’t leave him with just anyone. He needed to be in the care of kind and nurturing in a peaceful, safe environment. You provided all that and more!

    In your home, Teddy was able to socialize with cats and people… in addition to receiving impeccable care. I remember picking him up and being in awe of how well he was doing; he was happier and healthier than when we had dropped him off with you! Your love and kindness helped get us through what otherwise could have been a challenging situation.

    To anyone reading this blog: I highly recommended Janet & Lorenzo’s “Barney’s Home Dog Boarding” …your dog will thank you!

    1. Thanks so much Mandy for the testimonial. It means so much. Teddy is a part of our extended family now, and always welcome back as a boarding guest. I feel like both Teddy and Barney (our dog who passed away, now in spirit form) are blessing Barney’s Home Dog Boarding. Yayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

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