The Comforts of a Home

Well we have two bits of happy dog-related news.  One is that Mitzi/Sandy, the beagle we were comp-boarding that was featured in two blog entries found her own forever home and was adopted this past Wednesday!  She now has a beagle sister and her human family includes two of the most considerate girls and a mom and dad.  Yay for Mitzi/Sandy!

dog photo
Leah relaxing in our home while her mommy travels

Now meet Leah!  Leah is a wonderful senior dog we are boarding for her mom while she is out of town.  Leah is 10 years young and today is our first full day boarding her in our home.  Boy was I surprised this morning when I let her set the pace of our walk and it was a real power walk!   Here she is snoozing and watching me as I get ready to do a phone reading.   We are still watching her with our cats, but so far so good.  🙂  For more info on our in-home dog boarding check out