We’ll leave the light on for you

night lighting outside a home
I would love to come home to this!

I took a walk around my Albany Park Chicago neighborhood around 7pm tonight.  It was dark, but the night sky still had a hint of lighting, a deep cobalt blue.  For me the exterior lighting of a house or building welcomes people and can set a wonderful, cheerful tone.  Though I was suprised by many darkened exteriors, I did find enough cheerful evening exceptions that made my walk even more fun.  Here are the highlights. The first photo shows a walkway with cute little lights and and the 4446 street address in an illuminated signpost.  How cute is that!

March lights
Every day can be a holiday

Next is a house that has what many would call Christmas lights still on its front bushes in March.  It makes me smile.  I bet if they have little kids they love it.

If these lights are still up this summer I may have to feature them again.  🙂

Here at lower left we have a bright house announcing itself among tons of other dark houses.  Even if someone doesn’t care about cheerfulness, this lighting has to make it safer than the shadowy neighboring houses.  Finally at the end of my evening walk, I come to our porch and see the door wreath I made, with daffodils for spring.  Some may say it’s tacky but to me it’s cheerful and welcomes positivity into the house.  I heard that in Russia smiling often is considered crazy.  If that’s crazy then I don’t want to be sane!  Here’s hoping your pathway is always well lit and your home always safe and welcoming.

porch at night
The safest porch on the block
door wreath for spring, night view
Our welcome home door wreath for spring