My First and Last Political Post

Last night our softball game was rained out. After having a few beverages and mediocre overpriced food items at our sponsor bar we headed home. On the way to the car the conversation turned to politics. The team’s organizer, let’s call him “B” mentioned that he does not like Barack Obama and planned to vote for Mitt Romney because of his disdain for our president. B also believes that the media is heavily biased and liberal and that Fox “news” just balances things out with CNN and MSNBC with their Rachel Maddow & Keith Olbermann spewing their liberal views. Now B says he’s not a republican but a libertarian, like Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation.

Libertarians make a lot of sense until you talk to them for a few minutes. They believe that government should stay out of individuals lives. Sounds good on the surface but it runs much deeper than that. You can google the party if you want to know more about them. I asked B what his beef was with Obama and this is the best he could give me: When he met the Japanese Prime Minister he bowed to him and that showed weakness. He blew off Nutanyahu to go on Letterman. There was tape of him not putting his hand over his heart during the national anthem. Really? Really B? You’re willing to vote against your best interests for things that are pretty trivial? I don’t know him very well but I’ll betcha B is not a billionaire or even a millionaire. He used to be a paramedic until he broke his neck in an accident. Thanks to “Obamacare” he can never be discriminated against by any insurance company because of that injury. There are millions of people like B that will vote against the president for similar reasons or just because they don’t like him. They’ll vote for a man that is so out of touch with reality and the common man that he truly believes it is his right and his destiny to be president. A man that has shown his true feelings about half the nation by dismissing them as lazy entitled freeloaders. That is why we have got to make sure that we don’t let anything stop us from casting our votes In November, to save ourselves and even people like B from Mitt Romney even though they don’t even realize they need saving.


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  1. Awesome! You can write political posts anytime! Yay!!!! Good points, particularly about the pre-existing conditions. Love the Ron Swanson photo. I always thought the Ron Swanson character was spoofing Libertarians so that’s bizarre that he would identify with Ron Swanson. Too much. Yes nothing in this world or any other will keep me from casting my vote in November!!!!

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