Alternative City #0 Lives Again!

A few years ago I did a Mini Comic called Alternative City #0. It collected twelve pages of comics that I intended to try and get published in a weekly alternative newspaper. Alas, this never happened so I decided to publish them myself. If you don’t know what a mini comic is, it’s just a half sized comic that can be done by a professional printer for a lower cost than a full sized book, or in most cases they are printed by the creators themselves at Kinko’s or at work when the boss isn’t looking.

The minis were cool for comic shows when you needed an inexpensive way to get your work into a potential reader’s hands, but they were of poor quality. I recently found the original art so I scanned it in at a high resolution and did a small print run with Ka-blam printing. It took them FOREVER to ship them to me but they are finally here. I have to say I’m happy with the way they came out and at $3 it’s still reasonably priced. Right now you can find it at Chicago Comics and of course the psychic unicorns etsy store.

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  1. These inside shots here don’t do the book justice. The book has a high quality artistic look, very neat. I really like some of the backgrounds, which you explained to me are done by hand w/airbrush. Great job Lorenzo!

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