Humane Cat Trapping Project – Day 5 Report

black cat outdoors
The cat we saw looked like this, but this is not him

We have learned a lot since I last blogged on Wednesday afternoon.  I had to bring the trap over to our porch late Wed eve so it didn’t get rained on and I noticed a skunk-like smell on it, not super strong but noticeable.  I took that to mean that at least one unneutered male cat had been around the trap and “marked” the covering sheet with a little urine.  Unneutered male cats have urine that smells like skunk scent.

Then Thursday eve when I was bringing out the trap  there was a black cat actually in the area where the trap usually is.  He ran and leapt over the fence when he saw me.  I baited the trap as usual, taking my time.  I figured he’d stay out of view until I was gone, but after about a minute he moved into full view on the other side of the gate, and sat there watching me, about ten feet away from me.  That could indicate that he is not feral, since he let me see him when he didn’t have to.  I only glanced his way so as not to alarm him, then slowly left when I was done with the trap.  Once back in the apartment, Lorenzo and I got to watch him going in and out of the trap eating all of the tuna from our window.  It was a real treat to see so much of a cat we will probably be trapping.  He’s all black, much like this photo here, though the photo is NOT him. In the dim light he was hard to see sometimes, but we did see his eyes and also his tongue as he licked his lips after the tuna.  Mmmmm-good!

Another piece of news is our clinic appointment for the spay/neuter is next Tuesday 11/8/11 so that means the actual trapping night is this Monday evening.  I can’t wait!!!  Last night when we saw him eat he was done by 6:20pm, though tonight he hasn’t shown up yet.  Maybe he’s on his way right now……..