Original ACEO works now available!

There are two new additions to our etsy shop. One is an ACEO of Nefertiti, a character from Awesome 5! who is the girlfriend of Ramses, the bad guy in issue #1. Even though the real Nefertiti and Ramses never hooked up, these two decided to adopt those personas for their life of crime. The other is a little odd fellow I’m calling Soup Strainer, because of his prominent moustache he sports.

What makes these cards different from the other ACEOs is these are one of a kind originals. Nefertiti is ink and watercolor on 2 ply bristol board and Soupy is watercolor & ink on Strathmore 500 series illustration board, one of the finest materials made for drawing or illustrating IMHO. Both come titled, signed and dated on the back.

I have been meaning to put these up sooner but I’ve been so busy finishing ¬†Awesome 5! #1 (more on that later) that I haven’t had the time. Like the ACEO prints, the originals come with protective sleeves and top loaders with free shipping in the U.S.