Smokey Adjustment Period Begins

black cat sleeping
Smokey's favorite spot in the house

So far we are resolving issues as they arise with Smokey.  We give him time in and out of his kennel cage, so he, our other animals, and we can continue to adjust.  Fortunately he is very food motivated, so a little kibble placed into the kennel and in he goes.

On his first morning out of the cage he emptied his bladder on a thick dish drying towel that was on our counter.  We know it was just because he was too anxious to go to a litter box, and feeling threatened.  Then sometime during the night he “marked” one corner of the house with a little pee, which fortunately our beagle/basset hound found right away this morning so I could clean it.  I have bought extra litter boxes, strategically placed, and Lorenzo bought a dish rack now instead of an inviting towel on our counter top.  It’ll just take more time and good strategy but it’ll be fine.

Now he is asleep in his favorite window spot, which he steals from our boy YoYo.  That was YoYo’s all time favorite spot, so we are working on creating new happy places for YoYo.  Oh and by the way I didn’t even know he had that other little tuft of white hair by his belly until I saw this photo!  Considering this is all so new, everyone is doing pretty well.

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