What I learned at my CAPS meeting tonight

McGruff drawing
I am choosing to be more informed

This was my first CAPS meeting I’d been to in at least 10 years if not longer, and the second CAPS meeting ever.  It was more interesting than I remember, actually.  It was pretty short, only 50 minutes long, and throughout the meeting they discussed specific addresses and what disturbances have been noted there, either by police or citizens.  Many people came prepared with specific addresses and info, and the police were very informed and on the ball about it all.  They said our CAPS meeting is generally the most attended in the whole city.  Good for you Beat 17!  Beat 17 is part of Albany Park and Irving Park neighborhoods.

Is it more disturbing to know literally what crime has occurred in your area recently, or not know at all?  Honestly I am more disturbed now that I know, but I think after a good night’s rest the disturbing part will subside entirely.  It was nice to be around so many citizens who care about keeping their streets safe.  I think being more informed will encourage me to be more aware and I believe that those two things together will translate into increased safety.  I love my Albany Park neighborhood, more than any other Chicago neighborhood I’ve lived in.  I think it’s the tree lined streets and the variety of small homes and larger apartment buildings, and all the different front yards and porches each with their own unique character and personality.  So my CAPS meeting was time well spent, and I will go again next month.  Thanks to Martha Hack, our CAPS citizen rep who helped spread the word and let me know about the meeting.  If you want to find out what Chicago police “beat” you live in, and when the CAPS meetings are for your “beat” then you can go to this link. Here’s another link with basic info about CAPS.