Galos Cave Spa- Relaxing & Unique

Me at the end of a Galos Salt Cave session, after the lights came back up

Both Lorenzo and I love going to Galos Cave Spa in Chicago and we went there again today.  $15 per person for 45 minutes of total relaxation.  Here’s a link to the Galos Cave Spa yelp page.  Lorenzo and I have gotten pretty lucky and get the salt cave to ourselves.  They probably have around ten chairs in there, I have been once with other people, which is fine too.  We always make sure to request a child-free hour.  Appointments begin every hour, and basically you can walk around in the salt cave in the beginning if you want, then you recline in relatively comfy chairs with blankets, and meditate and/or sleep.  They play pretty relaxing music with wave sounds, but I think next time we’ll use our iPhones & ear phones for music.

photo of inside of Galos Cave Spa in Chicago
Love the sea horses!

With this photo you get a sense of the overall look inside the room which has man-made salt formations everywhere.  I say if you need to relax, and/or enjoy meditating in new environments give it a try.  The photo also shows that you need to bring clean white socks.

Does the salt in the environment give health benefits?  I say probably.  Plus going there relaxes me in a way that surely carries health benefits.

Have you been there?  Are you planning to go?  Let’s hear your salty comments!