WTF America!

Well congratulations USA, you elected a reality show starring, race baiting, pussy grabbing numbskull as your president. You must be very proud. I have a theory that I call the 50% theory, and God I wish that I was wrong but yesterday proved me 100% right. That theory is that of the 8 billion people that populate this planet, half of them are idiots. 50%.¬† Now I think we may have more than our share here in ‘merica.

If somebody had told me a month ago the Cubs would win the World Series and orange dude would be elected president I would have had my doubts about either event occurring.

There are many reasons why this nightmare became a reality. Here are a few.

  1. The purity test. The protest vote. Voters who believed neither candidate met their purity standards. These voters felt compelled to vote their conscience and go for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein or any other random schmuck that had no chance of winning so they could feel better about themselves. Nobody is gonna give a shit about your conscience as missiles are heading toward out capital cities because of some ridiculous thing this narcissist has done.
  2. Patriarchy. This is real, I just had no idea just how real it is until recently. There is a lot of animosity toward women. Duh, right? I have not always been aware of this having lived my entire life as a man, and kinda having my hands full being a black man in America. There are men out there that would die and go to Hell rather than see the first black president followed by the first female president.
  3. Desperation. A mixture of racism, misogyny, bully worship and desperation were the hallmarks of the Trump campaign. As scary as those other things are it’s the desperation that kept his supporters going. They believed all the lies he told them because they wanted them to be true. Sure, this guy has scammed hundreds of people out of millions of dollars but not this time! No-sir-ree this time he’s gonna keep his promise cause this time he’s speaking our language. This time he’s blaming those people that I don’t like anyway.

We are going to get through this. This kind of madness always passes after a while. Usually after the ignorant masses discover their champion is a shyster and they’ve been sold a bill of goods. In the meantime what we can do individually is get active on a local basis. I live in a state that’s a brick in the blue wall and I’m going to find time to donate to some worthy local representative and work to make damn sure that this wonderful state remains blue. Once Trump is impeached or finally revealed for the con man he is in 4 years, a strong progressive candidate could unseat him. Hillary is probably done, she’s like the Dem version of Mitt Romney by now. I’m thinking Elizabeth Warren. We just gotta hang in there. Somehow.

He Who Must Not Be Named

WARNING! What follows is a blog about politics! Normally I stay away from the “P” word in this space but this time it can’t be helped. If your eyes glaze over at the mention of all things political then now is the time to bail.

Now that those folks are gone, let’s begin.


I don’t know if y’all have noticed (and I don’t see how you could not have) but there’s some crazy shit going on in American politics. Mark my words, these are historic times we are living in right now. No matter what happens, in a few years we’ll look back on this year as the year _____ happened.

No matter what you think of Hillary Clinton, for her to be elected the first woman president would be a BFD especially given how deep misogyny runs not just in this country but worldwide. Bernie Sanders my be a punchline to some, but I’ve been listening to this guy every Friday for the last 5 years on the Thom Hartman show and I think he’s the real deal. We’ve been brainwashed by almost 40 years of Reganomics so of course most people think the things he says he could do are unrealistic because the greedy billionaires have convinced us they are.

Now the fun part. The republicans. Their side is a just a clown show led by the biggest clown, a former¬† reality show star/businessman whose name we must never speak again. He is doing so well that he doesn’t even spend money on ads because the corporate media is doing that for him. In fact, the only ads you see with him in them are negative ads sponsored by the mainstream republican party! Throw in Ted Cruz, (a cross between Dracula and Pee Wee Herman) the most hated man in the senate and it’s self destruct time for the GOP. Personally I couldn’t be happier.

All BS aside, let’s not sit on the sidelines for this one. As much fun as it is watching the party of Reagan implode, we need to unite behind the last man or woman standing on the democratic side come November. The Supreme Court is at stake. Reagan stacked the court with hardcore neocons that have helped to make life difficult for everyone who’s not a millionaire. Now that Scalia has checked out, the next appointment will swing the court to one side or the other. Plus Thomas, Kennedy & Ginsberg ain’t getting any younger. This election is too important to fight among ourselves and stay home.