Herbie’s Victory Lap

A couple of weeks ago our vet told us that our beloved senior dog Herbie has a mass in his sinus cavity. It is most likely malignant and is most definitely inoperable and eventually fatal.

It’s always heartbreaking to lose a pet. Just last August we lost our youngest dog Lily. Since Lily was so young it came as a complete shock and was incredibly devastating for us. This time it’s not a surprise since Herbie has been showing signs of wearing down for some time, but that still doesn’t make it easy. We would have lost him in May of 2016 to an abscessed tooth if not for Janet showing up at the vet with him and demanding surgery. He’s always been a tough little guy.

The lesson that I learned fromĀ  losing Lily was to treasure every day, hour and minute I have with the kiddos (a word I’ve picked up from the vets here in Olympia) and never take anything for granted.

I’m looking at this as a victory lap for Herbie. His farewell tour like a retiring ballplayer. He could have suffered a tragic fate like so many pets lost or abandoned on the streets but he didn’t. We enjoyed five plus glorious years with him and gave him a loving home in his old age which is more than a lot of creatures have. Now, our job is to make his life as comfortable as possible until he joins the rest of our angel pets.