A Psychic & Psychological Look at How to Create Lasting Personal Change

photo of a small sprout growing in dirt
You can sprout new growth at any age!

It is possible to create lasting personal change over time, if you are 22 or 62.  As a psychic reader I specialize in helping people to create real and lasting change in their personal lives.  Effective personal growth begins with self-knowledge of both a given problem or issue, and the right-for-you steps to take forward.  Here is a basic outline of how to create lasting personal change.

1.  Accept that this change, even for you, is possible.

2.  Figure out small, doable steps you can take to move towards this personal change.

3.  Take those steps, and do not allow yourself to stop or give up.

4.  If you are stuck in inaction, get help.  Of course, I would humbly suggest myself as a psychic reader in this case since I specialize in helping people with their personal growth goals, but you could also try a well-recommended psychotherapist, or a friend that is gifted in their ability to inspire you to positive action.

baby walking in grass
Baby steps are positive "doable" steps YOU actually DO, not just THINK about doing.

HINT:  If you are not actually practicing your steps, it could be that your initial steps are too ambitious, and that you need to find even simpler, smaller steps that get you moving in the direction you want to be moving.  The first step is to get moving forward at all, even if it is slower than you’d like.

SUPER IRONIC HINT: Everyone is different, so what motivated one person, or what were good initial steps for one person to take might not be effective for you.  That’s why this is ironic.  I am listing steps then telling you that generalized steps can get you into trouble.  If they don’t work for you, you may get discouraged and give up totally.  That’s why step #2 is so open ended, because you have to figure out what initial steps are both helpful and doable for YOU as initial steps.  That’s also why step #4 is to get help.  Getting discouraged and doing nothing is seldom going to resolve your issue.  After all, you may have already extensively tested the “doing nothing” method and received unsatisfactory results.  😉  I think we all have!