Desserts & Repressed Emotions

fruit tarts
Mmmmmm look good

So most of us have seen huge dessert cases, either in bakeries or at stores like Whole Foods.  How do you feel when standing in front of a huge dessert case?  Tonight I went to the Whole Foods on the NW side of Chicago on Cicero Ave.  As an energy reader I work with many people and often help people who want to alter their eating habits.  I enjoy reading the unique issues that impact each person’s eating choices and experiences.

Repressed emotion definitely comes into play when standing in front of a huge dessert case.  It must be repressed emotion that blurs my thinking as I look at all of these mini fruit tarts at Whole Foods.  My mind goes in a loop between:

1.  How delicious.

2.  I want many.  They’re so tiny.

3.  They are $1.49 each.

4.  It’d be way too expensive with all the ones I want.  Better have none.

5.  (Loops back to #1)

I swear this loop goes round and round about three times in my mind, then I pull myself away either to go towards another part of the store, or to debate another dessert selection.  I never get the tiny fruit tarts, yet each time I see them so beautifully arranged, the mental loop begins.

Tonight's choice, one "chocolate bomb"

I ended up buying a “chocolate bomb” shown in the center row of this photo.  On the way home I realized some of the repressed emotions involved in my own dessert thought process and was able to let go of some of the blocked energy.  When Lorenzo and I split the small “chocolate bomb” at home it was fantastic.  Chocolate mousse with a dark chocolate shell- very light and “surprisingly good,” as Lorenzo says.  The “bomb” in the name is a real misnomer, as it’s a pretty delicate flavor.  I ate it so slowly, with hot tea.  I haven’t savored a dessert so slowly in years.  I know for sure it was because I had released some of my emotional baggage and was able to be more present with the experience.  How cool.  Same calories, greater experience.  Woo-hoo!

My next task is I’ll have to clear even more blocked, repressed emotion so I can actually think clearly about those mini fruit tarts!!!!