Our Dyson vacuum

Dyson DC14 vacuum
our Dyson vacuum, getting used

Here’s our Dyson vacuum.  I had wanted a Dyson vacuum for years before we finally got one last September.  Did we pay full price?  Nooooooo.  It was never the plan to pay full price, and I ended up buying this one used and one year old on eBay, for $161 including shipping.  I had wanted a Dyson because of the hepa filter, which many vacuums have these days, and also the famed suction.  It does blow some things into the air when you use it, so I end up using the super suction wand first to get anywhere I know is bad, then vacuuming everything.

I like the easy-empty canister so I see all I’ve picked up, yet not touch it.  I like all the suction in the wand.  I like the bright yellow color.  Whatever mojo it has that actually gets me to use it, to vacuum my 3-cat, dog-boarding apartment on a very regular basis, I am grateful.  Because when all is said and done, what matters is not the brand of your vacuum, but whether or not you actually use it!