Introducing Champ & His Ongoing Diplomacy Training

Champ is a wonderful seven year old cocker spaniel that we have been boarding for just over a week now.  In a previous home he has got along well with one cat, even sleeping with him.  Our home has three cats.  Zen and YoYo may run from dogs and Zen will even growl at a dog if she is threatened or chased, so we found Champ needed some help and training so that he could adjust and live peacefully with our cats.  He never had an obvious desire to kill our cats, but he did think it was OK to chase them at top speed, which started some trouble with our cat Zen who was not amused at all.  Also he would stare at the cats nonstop while panting, and this was pretty unnerving for the cats.  Initially we thought the staring was love at first sight, but we quickly realized it was a dominance & vigilance play to keep staring at them for minutes on end.

cocker spaniel with cat photo
The Goal: the cat (Bambi) walks calmly & Champ relaxes

To begin his gentle training, we needed to keep him on a loose harness and leash and gave him treats of boiled chicken when he displayed calm behavior and gave us his attention near one of our cats.  Bambi was the easiest cat for us to work with, since she is able to walk slowly and calmly near him as long as he does not charge her.  In the beginning he would have chased even Bambi.  The first photo is from this morning proving just how far he has come with his dog-cat diplomacy training in just one week.  Bambi is doing her classic calm walk by him, and he remains relaxed and lying down.  They have been doing fine for days now, which is why he is off of any restraint near her.

photo of cat with cocker spaniel
Champ & Bambi: peacefully ignoring each other. Progress!

In the second photo we see them totally ignoring each other, which is a sign of their growing trust and acceptance of each other.  We still are working with and supervising Champ when he sees YoYo on the ground or Zen on the ground.  We have another few days with Champ for this visit, so we’ll see how far we can get with his dog-cat diplomacy training.  He’s such a good boy and thanks to the treats he does learn.  Also he loves massages around his ears and on his whole body, so that’s another method of persuading him.  🙂

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Teddy Returns: Dog Cat Diplomacy Summit

Back on 3/2/11 I blogged about Teddy who is a maltipoo rescue dog we boarded last year, who helped inspire us to board dogs regularly as a home business with our  Here’s the old post from March 2 about how much we love Teddy.

dog jumping
Who knows when inspiration will jump into your lap? 🙂

Well after a long hiatus Teddy is back!  Here is Teddy today jumping into my lap.  Today he had a nice car ride with us, a few walks in today’s sunshine, and he is about to dine on the raw food that his parents left with us for him to eat.  He also had a good time stirring up the next door neighbor’s three chihuahuas by sniffing them through our fence and having a barking party with them.  🙂

Teddy is pretty cat friendly since we were able to give him socialization to cats by boarding him earlier in his puppy life.  Unfortunately one of our cats YoYo runs away scared from him, and he still finds it very fun to chase him.  The other two have a moderate truce with him, and have taught him to be respectful of them.

dog sniffing two cats
Dog-Cat Diplomacy Summit

Here I am with Teddy today letting him nose kiss the cats in a safe non-chasing environment.  The cat in the right foreground is YoYo who still runs from him when they are both on the ground.  There has been progress though.  At the end of YoYo’s run to higher ground his tail is no longer fluffed.  He doesn’t really think Teddy is about to murder him anymore.  In his (fear-distorted) mind Teddy is no longer a huge monster, just a mean doggie.  It’s progress!