The Global Activism Radio Series & its free upcoming Expo

Global activism - you can make a difference
Expand your world, help others, & have fun

Have you ever heard Jerome McDonnell’s Worldview program on Chicago Public Radio? Currently it is every weekday at noon CST but if you are reading this months later you can see when Worldview comes on by checking the Chicago Public Radio schedule.   The biggest reason I love Chicago Public Radio is that every Thursday of the Worldview show is called the Global Activism Series.  Each show of the Global Activism series features one really amazing person or group that has done something to help make a difference in a developing country.  There are always simple ways you can help if you want to be a part of this group’s work.  Sometimes it’s people from the US who have founded a unique global charity such as Share Your Soles or Working Bikes, or sometimes it is a person from a developing country who is doing something amazing to help their country and is fundraising to continue their work.  Catch up on old shows you missed here

Each year there is a Global Activism Expo.  This year’s expo is coming soon, and will be this Saturday April 30th from noon to 6pm.  Read all about the upcoming Global Activism Expo 2011 here. It is free and will be held at the UIC Forum, just west of downtown.  It’s a fun way for kids and adults to get involved and learn so much more about great groups making a difference globally.  You could bring a used bike you want to donate to Working Bikes, bring items for and help put together toiletry kits that will be delivered to Japan, or speak to many other fascinating people who make a difference around the globe.  Thousands will attend.  Surely it will be a really diverse and engaging environment, with food and music too.  I went to one years ago they held in Edgewater and definitely enjoyed myself.  If you go definitely let me know how it was for you.